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Pocket & Mobile Control

Pocket & Mobile Control

Pocket Controller is advanced Help Desk solution with remote control functionality. Using Pocket Controller, you can connect to any Windows Mobile device and control it from your desktop computer. The ability to control your mobile device from your desktop is valuable to anyone attempting to provide mobile device training or marketing demonstrations. Once you’re scheming your mobile device from your desktop or laptop, projection equipment can be used to present your mobile device to a large group of people. Pocket Controller allows you to use any background color in presentation mode, or you can customize the background using any HTML file. If you choose one of the several available skins for your device, you can also hide the Pocket Controller window so only the device and presentation controls are visible during your presentation.

During a presentation, Pocket Controller allows you to mark up the mobile device display using a simple drawing tool. You can change the markup color but size is fixed and the drawing is restricted to simple lines. The tool is limited but useful. Still images can be stored in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or BMP formats. Image snapshots can also be copied to the clipboard for placing into other applications or they can be sent directly to a printer. Video recording can be store using compressed or uncompressed AVI format or Microsoft’s WMV format. If you are calculating the device from the desktop, the video recording will also include the mouse pointer so it is easy for an audience to follow the action. For example, if you need to start a particular application and you can create a macro to open the Start menu, select “Programs”,navigate to the application and click its icon to start it. Pocket Controller also provide access to the registry and file system on the mobile device. You can browse the file system and transfer the files between your desktop and mobile device. ActiveSync, Windows and Mobile Device Center also allow you to do this, but not over a WiFi connection. The remote registry can also be opened and information imported, exported and edited.

Pocket Controller is also provides a file management feature that goes beyond what’s offered by AS or WMDC. You can setup management rules that allow for one-way sync from desktop to device, one-way sync from device to desktop, or two-way sync between desktop and device. One-way syncs can be configured to delete the source file after the synchronization completes. I have found a useful feature for moving photos and video off my phone for archiving on the desktop. Additional management features allow to you check system status and running tasks on the mobile device. Using the Task Manager to you close tasks that may be causing problems or get detailed information about each task.


Pocket Controller help file on the desktop to assist you with any questions you may have. The help to file follows the organization of the user interface making it very easy to locate help for any given feature. The “Common Error Messages Explained” to section should prove helpful with connection problems. Finally, there is a “Contacting Us” section containing email addresses and phone numbers for further support.


When connecting to your mobile device, one option given by Pocket Controller Pro that you won’t find in ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center is the ability to connect over WiFi. You’ll need to know your device’s IP address, but if you find yourself without a USB cable and don’t have a Bluetooth adapter on your desktop,WiFi might be another option worth considering. It will provide to you that means to access the file system and registry on your mobile device. Additionally the Windows command-line, there’s a command-line DOS shell that connects to your mobile device. The command-line quick to you can browse directories or copy and move files.


Though Pocket Controller performed flawlessly once connected, I did have a few problems securing a connection to my phone. While secure a USB connection, Pocket Controller would report that the connection was complete and it was "Waiting for data…" but the remote display never appeared on screen.

Mobile Control

Mobile Control is an Enterprise a Mobility Management (EMM) solution which allows companies to easily manage, control and secure Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android devices from a single web console.