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Software licensing professional services:

As a software publisher to maximizing profitability hinges significantly on how well your license models meet the needs of the market and of your business.

A well constructed and effective licensing implementation will:

  • Give your customer tools they need to operate within the terms of their license agreements.
  • Help your sales teams more easily meet their income targets by limiting unauthorized and inadvertent over-deployment.

Rising an end-to-end licensing architecture that meets your business goals while also ensuring a clean customer experience is more complex than licensing project leads expect. Realize the full potential of a licensing system requires well thought out business objectives and the involvement of multiple stakeholders across the organization, from product management and engineering to operations and even sales. A highly-effective licensing system requires a vision, a plan, an understanding of best practices, attention to detail, regular oversight and managed execution.

Your Software Monetization Vision

We understand the licensing unique for every organization, each with their own distinctive business goals and custom business processes. We also find that more often than not, the challenge in making licensing work is not technical; it has more to do with the intricacies of business integration and project management. Nobody understands this better or more real-world licensing process design and system implementation experience, our team of Software Licensing Consultants and Implementation Professionals.

Defined. Designed. Delivered

Professional services in three categories ranging from system invention & design to technology implementation & integration and ongoing system assessment & optimization. The work of our Professional Services team is to define, and deliver the right licensing and entitlement management strategy for every client, every time allows to you do certain things that would be otherwise be an infringement of copyright law.

Implementation & Integration

The solution architecture is established time to execute! The approaching gained from many years of successful implementations, our team is dedicated to helping you fine tune your license enforcement and management technologies in order to achieve an end-to-end licensing implementation modified to the customer, operational and business requirements unique to your organization. The team will design for your licensing system and will work with your internal stakeholders to deliver the work required to bring your vision to life. Businesses must be licenses they purchase to ensure firstly they are using software legally and secondly, they aren't paying for licenses that aren't being used. Finding the license agreement can also make it easier to manage software in your company.

Software license describes the legal rights pertaining to the authorized use of digital material. Software license agreement terms often incur criminal charges related to licensed intellectual property (IP) and copyrighted material. Free and open source license include free software with no monetary usage charge, but users, or licensees are legally required to abide by agreement terms. Generally buy software is sold with proprietary licenses and despite much legal jargon, many license term particulars have no legal basis or are unenforceable. Free licenses provide a licensee with rights similar to the original owner. For example, a licensee is copy, modify and distribute creative works, provided a free license is obtained.

Some forms of licensing, such as the General Public License (GPL), permit licensees to sell software or digital products. Proprietary license are obtained through End User License Agreements (EULA). Without a software licensing agreement in the licensee is strictly prohibited from using licensable media. Open source license do not always require signed agreements. The all open source licensing benefits because an agreement is usually required to redistribute free or open source copyrighted material. The original copyright owner maintains ownership. Licensees are failing to adhere to this agreement section may be held liable under copyright law.